About Us

First, Company Overview

Zhejiang Jinniu Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is China metal machinery and equipment manufacturing leader, needed to equip one of the first batch of innovative enterprises, mainly engaged in the construction and sale of hardware, electric tools, and other key national infrastructure projects development, and manufacturing, the company's existing senior technical staff five people, intermediate grade eight people, to bring stable development of high-tech companies.

Second, corporate development

Ten years, Taurus machinery for our national economy and railway construction has made important contributions, providing hundreds of thousands of machines, and constantly develop research, create high-quality products to the international competitiveness of large enterprises as the goal, pioneering, enterprise size and strength gradually improved, has been developed for our profile cutting machines and grinders important manufacturing enterprises. Companies registered trademark "challenge", "Hao Shuai" in the same industry enjoys the authority of awareness and access to ISO9001 international quality management system certification in 2001, and has been awarded "the contract and trustworthy enterprise."

Third, the company's future development

The new products are the key to sustainable development related to the ability of the business, as the company increased technological innovation, the company's production capacity in recent years has been greatly improved, along with the traditional industry market volume increased from peak go to the trend of steady development, the rapid development only from traditional industries to support the company's situation has not realistic, in January 2012 the company plans to invest 10 million yuan to develop new grinding machine from dust and high efficiency cutting machine, raise environmental awareness at the same time reduce energy consumption of materials, and access to 15 national patents. Our future will continue to open up new markets to meet the company's sustainable development

Zhejiang Jinniu Machinery Co., Ltd.

地址:Xialixi Industrial Zone,Shizhu town,Yongkang,Zhejiang